Frantoio Raguso (Olive Oil Mill) keeps secrets related to the Apulia oil art since 4 generations, and combines successfully tradition, research and innovation. In the mill located in Gravina in Puglia innovative techniques come together with the excellent oil, obtained from the first mechanic squeeze of fresh olives, without any addiction of chemical substances.

Raguso never stops researching quality raw materials to be used for the innovative trial that aims to find new tastes, combining different flavours, aromas, countries, and creating the exclusive selection of flavoured biological oils signed by Frantoio Raguso.

That of olive oil is an ancient tradition of our land: Puglia. We at Raguso celebrate the harmony of flavors and dedicate taste research to make each gastronomic trend unique. The rural culture contaminated and revisited in a modern key.

Raguso preserves all the best that time and territory gave, giving it value with traditional productive techniques and advanced technologies able to keep intact quality and purity. In this way Raguso olive oil mill has been releasing since 1894 drops of health, taste and tradition to the most demanding plates.

Four generations of Raguso family have been carefully preserving the secrets of EVO, which production is limited because of the rare availability of “bambina” cultivar, with no comparison in the rest of the world.

This pure EVO is biologically produced because it is not addressed to the intensive production or sale. It is indeed a precious plates addition in homes of farmers, whose primary aim is wheat plantation.
This oil comes from the geographical heart of mediterrean diet and carries on a century old tradition.

Raguso Frantoio has always paid attention to the quality of every creation and the research of new design tendencies, never losing his biggest characteristic: widespread with passion the healthy EVO culture and Apulia cuisine.
How? Training courses, taste itineraries, focused events.
Where? Olive Oil Bar, inside Raguso Oil Mill