Several studies and researches testify that EVO is very important.
Amazingly, EVO consists in vitamin A, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty, with fat composition similar to breast milk.

A bit of oil in addiction to children porridge represents both a tasty condiment and growth helper. It improves the appetite during the weaning, stimulates the mineral process of bones and helps cellular tissues to assimilate mineral salts (important for children and old people)

Raguso EVO has maximum 0,2% free acidity, is healthy for the organism and for every stage of the life.
It is the cornerstone of Mediterrean diet with the capacity of provide energy, delimit calcium losses and help providing a long life. It is ideal for international plates in a “mixed” cuisine.

Olive oil has been fundamental for the noble farmer culture, indeed it has been used also for hands, hair and face instead of lotions. It has indeed the capacity of clean and make the skin softer, especially for children.

Other kinds of oils, at the same temperature, produce polymers that can damage cardiovascular apparatus, liver and kidneys. Moreover, EVO has important properties that can be used for the body care. It can help the skin heal after burnings or long sun exposition, so can be used as after-sun lotion able to moisturize for its natural characteristics.