Now and then Frantoio Raguso combines the meticulous preservation of secrets regarding oil art with innovative and advanced production systems.
The cold pressing technique, happening the very same day of the harvest, safeguards oil’s sensory qualities. During the production olives are submitted only to traditional mechanic processes, without chemical additions.

Raguso EVO is produced using fresh and quality olives, right after being washed, separated from the leaves, filtrated and centrifuged.

In this way Raguso guarantee the natural being of the oil and its free acidity (expressed in oleic acid) to not go higher then 0,01%.
Quality is not to be added, can only be extracted. Raguso family extract oil with the mechanical basic pressing, in the same way used for the last centuries.

Nowadays the company can proudly adorn itself with the term “biological”, with both certifications of ISO 1400 and HACCP.

Raguso selects only the olives from the best batches, in order to always guarantee quality. When olives are ripe enough, after hand harvest technique, from cultivar “Bambina” and “Coratina”, they are brought to Raguso oil mill to be pressed in the very next two hours, only with productive processes to preserve taste and fundamental factors.
We take care about the five senses.

First of all, you notice the colour, nice green-yellow tonality. Then, you smell the oil and it comes to your mind the green and round olive, thanks to the careful and prompt harvest. Finally you taste it and it gives sense to all the rest: everything is balanced and underlined with sour and spicy sensations.