Biological EVO
Millenario is an EVO characterized by an intense flavour, out of time since it is the outcome if millennial olive trees localized in Itria’s valley.
Several factors guarantee Millenario to have unique organoleptic properties, such as selected olives, harvest made with the best techniques and the milling, done with cold technique. Millennial olive trees provide the exactly same olives year after year, for 3000 years, and they represent the ultimate autochthon protagonist thanks to their biological ability to adapt.
The olive tree is native to Middle East and has been introduced in Italy by Greeks, cultivated for the first time by Etruscan. The first olive trees have been planted by Romans on the street “Traiana”, all over from valleys around the city of Fasano until Trajan’s columns in Brindisi.
Millenario: History rousing feelings